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Unobtanium Inc. came to life in 2006 when brothers Adam and Matt Wright couldn't take the world of publishing any longer and decided to take their hobby and go pro. Our first Speedster was sold from our warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, but we soon outgrew the space and moved into a proper facility in historic Gloversville, New York, where we operated from a 10,000 square foot former glove factory that was usually stuffed with Porsche projects and the parts to restore them. 

As Porsche hobbyists, we were always surprised at the lack of participation exhibited by most who were "in the business." They were content to sit around flipping cars and parts without any desire to be part of the community. This one-sided approach to things didn't sit well with us as hobbyists, and as a result it won't fly with us as retailers. We take pride in the early Porsche community and participate as much as we can. You'll find us at Porsche gatherings handing out free gift bags stuffed with goodies. We are members of the PCA, 356 Registry and Early 911S Registry. We also regularly contribute articles to the Registry magazines. We're not just selling cars and parts to the community, we're a part of it. We love Porsches and drive them ourselves.

Our Facility
We can never have too many cars or parts at Unobtanium Inc. We now operate two locations. The original facility, now the warehouse, is housed in a former leather factory (we're still finding boxes of clasps and zippers here and there) and contains nearly a half mile of shelf space! We try to keep our 10,000 square foot indoor warehouse stuffed with great project cars and quality original parts to restore them. The new location in historic Ravena, New York adds another 5,000 square feet to the operation with a fully equipped shop to tackle any steps in a car's restoration we decide to perform. Our metal man John has been working steel for 25 years. Sorry, the shop is not available for outside work.

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