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Out and about in the Porsche community


We love Porsche events! Unobtanium participates in as many P-car related events as we can fit into our schedule. Swap meets are always a great time for like-minded drivers and owners to get together and learn about each other’s cars and experiences. Not to mention great times to score some Porsche parts or other goodies. We always have a booth at the PCA Porsche Only Swap Meet in Hershey, Pa., the Vintage German Swap Meet in Ski Round Top, Pa., and the Stoddard Swap in Highland Heights, Oh. See the links to their websites below for dates and times. Be sure to stop by our booth, we always have goodie bags and other Porsche-related giveaways for anyone who stops by! 

And don't forget the annual Unobtanium Open House Labor Day Weekend! 

More info:

CPA-PCA Porsche Only Swap - Hershey, Penn. (April)
Vintage German Swap Meet - Ski Round Top, Penn. (September)
Stoddard Porsche Swap Meet - Highland Heights, Ohio